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Campaign Award Categories
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Campaign Award Categories

Campaign awards recognize complete programs incorporating sound research, planning, execution and evaluation. They must meet the highest standards of performance in the profession. Please note that a campaign entry is restricted to a two-page summary with one-inch margins.

After reviewing this list, check out the component categories too.

1. Public Service

1A. Business

1B. Government

1C. Associations

1D. Nonprofit Organizations

1E. Partnerships (Funded jointly by businesses and other organizations, including nonprofit and government)

Includes programs that advance public understanding of societal issues, problems or concerns.


2. Marketing

2A. Consumer Products

2AA. Health Care

2AB. Technology

2AC. Food

2AD. Beverages

2AE. Retail Stores and Restaurants

2AF. Packaged Goods

2AG. Non-Packaged Goods

2AH. Other (Categories Not Elsewhere Defined)

2B. Consumer Services

2BA. Travel and Tourism/Hospitality

2BB. Health Care Services

2BC. Technology

2BD. Financial Services

2BE. Other (Categories Not Elsewhere Defined)

2C. Business-to-Business

2CA. Professional and/or Financial Services

2CB. Products

2CC. Other (Categories Not Elsewhere Defined)

Includes programs designed to introduce new products/services, or promote existing products/services to a particular audience.


3. Integrated Communications

3A. Consumer Products

3AA. Food and Beverage

3AB. Retail Stores and Restaurants

3AC. Packaged Goods

3AD. Non-Packaged Goods

3B. Consumer Services

3C. Business-to-Business

3D. Government

3E. Associations

3F. Nonprofit Organizations

Includes any program that demonstrates leadership of public relations strategies and tactics in a creative and effective integrated campaign, along with other marketing or communications. The program must demonstrate the clear leadership of public relations, along with its integration with other disciplines.


4. Events and Observances

4A. Seven or Fewer Days

4AA. Consumer Products

4AB. Consumer Services

4AC. Business-to-Business

4AD. Government

4AE. Associations

4AF. Nonprofit Organizations

4B. More Than Seven Days

4BA. Business — Products

4BB. Business — Services

4BC. Government

4BD. Associations/Nonprofit Organizations

Includes programs or events, such as commemorations, observances, openings, yearlong anniversaries, celebrations or other special activities. Events occurring within a time span of one week should be entered in “4A. Seven or Fewer Days” and events that took place for longer than a one-week period should be entered in “4B. More Than Seven Days.”


5. Reputation/Brand Management

5A. Business

5AA. Companies With Sales Up to $50 Million

5AB. Companies With Sales Up to $500 Million

5AC. Companies With Sales of More Than $500 Million to $10 Billion

5AD. Companies With Sales Over $10 Billion

5B. Government

5C. Associations

5D. Nonprofit Organizations

Programs designed to enhance, promote or improve the reputation of an organization with its publics or key elements of its publics, either proactively or in response to an issue, event or market occurrence.


6. Community Relations

6A. Business

6AA. Products

6AB. Services

6B. Government

6C. Associations/Nonprofit Organizations

Includes programs that aim to improve relations with, or seek to win the support or cooperation of, people or organizations in communities in which the sponsoring organization has an interest, need or opportunity. “Community” in this category refers to a specific geographic location or locations.


7. Internal Communications

7A. Business

7AA. Fewer Than 1,000 Employees

7AB. Fewer Than 10,000 Employees

7AC. More Than 10,000 Employees

7B. Associations/Government/Nonprofit Organizations

Includes programs targeted specifically to special publics directly allied with an organization, such as employees, members, affiliated dealers and franchisees.


8. Multicultural Public Relations

8A. Business

8B. Associations/Government/Nonprofit Organizations

For any type of program, such as institutional, marketing and community relations, specifically targeted to a cultural group.


9. Crisis Communications

9A. Business

9B. Government

9C. Associations/Nonprofit Organizations

Includes programs undertaken to deal with an unplanned event that required an immediate response.


10. Public Affairs

10A. Business

10B. Associations/Nonprofit Organizations

10C. Government

Includes programs specifically designed to influence public policy and/or affect legislation, regulations, political activities or candidacies — at the local, state or federal government levels — so that the entity funding the program benefits.


11. Issues Management

11A. Business

11B. Government

11C. Associations/Nonprofit Organizations

For programs undertaken to deal with issues that could extraordinarily affect ongoing business strategy.


12. Global Communications

Includes any type of program, such as Reputation/Brand Management, Marketing or Events and Observances, that demonstrates effective global communications implemented in more than one country.


13. Investor Relations

Includes programs directed to shareowners, other investors and the investment community.

Additional Awards

Grand Gold Pick Award
The annual Grand Gold Pick Award goes to the "best in show" campaign entry receiving the highest overall score.

Small Practice Award
Sole practitioners, small practices and freelancers compete for the Small Practice Award, recognizing the efforts of a practitioner whose practice bills less than $200,000 annually. The entry must be for a campaign rather than a component. The highest score overall among small practice Gold Pick winners receives this honor.

Non-Profit Award
This award is designed to recognize the public relations efforts of staff and executives working within a non-profit organization. To qualify, an organization must submit documentation of 501(c)3 status. Work by a company or agency on behalf of a non-profit is ineligible. The entry must be for a program rather than a component. The highest score overall among non-profit Gold Pick winners receives this honor.

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